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What Do The Engine Lights On Your Car Mean?

Engine Lights

Vehicles have become increasingly complex over the years, with more systems to monitor and more to report to the driver. Today, there are more than 60 possible dashboard symbols that can appear on an instrument panel. Different makes and models have different lights and symbols, so it's important to refer to your vehicles owner's manual. In the meantime, here's a guide to what some of the common engine lights mean and what to do if they come on.

Engine Light Meanings

Check Engine Light

This is the general “check engine” warning light and it could mean several different things, both common and uncommon. If this light is blinking, this could mean that there is a much more serious issue with your car. In any case, plan on bringing your vehicle into your local mechanic.

Brakes Warning Light

If your brake warning light turns on and doesn't go out it could mean either the parking brake was left on while driving or that the vehicle's brake system has lost significant pressure. First, check to make sure that the parking brake is disengaged. If the parking brake is on, take it off. If it's not the parking brake, it could be that your brake system has lost significant pressure due to a fluid leak, and will need to be serviced immediately.

Battery Warning Light

If your battery warning light comes on and stays on, it usually means there's a problem with your vehicles alternator system. The alternator system is responsible for recharging your vehicle's battery. If the alternator stops working, your battery will not recharge. If your battery dies, the electrical components will stop working, your engine will shut off, and you won't be able to restart your vehicle. If this light comes on, bring your car to Anzac Automotive as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown.

Oil Level/Pressure Warning Light

If the oil level/pressure warning light comes on and stays on, this means there is an issue with either the oil level or pressure. Proper oil level and pressure are crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Your oil level could either be dangerously too low, or the pressure could be too low. Either issue could lead to serious damage to your engine, so it's important that you bring your vehicle into the dealership as soon as possible for service.

Service Light

Typically when your vehicle is due for a scheduled service, the service light will come on. Usually, this means it's time for an oil change, but in rare cases, it could mean something more serious. In newer vehicles, there may be additional text with the service light signifying an issue with a specific system or component in your vehicle. When the service light comes on, you need to schedule a service appointment.

Vehicle Inspection North Shore

When you see a warning light, its best to safely pull over as soon as you can. Once you're stopped in safe place, open your driver's manual. It should explain what each symbol means and the action you need to take. If you're not sure what to do, give Anzac Automotive a call on 09 478 8457


Tech Tips
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