Have you and your car ticked off a few incredible road trip adventures together?

A well-maintained vehicle can stand the test of time, lasting for many more adventures to come. But there’s often a few items on a vehicle that will need regular upgrading. Tyres are a prime example.

Well-chosen, quality tyres provide superior traction and safety for all driving conditions and journeys, whether short or long. However, all tyres will inevitably experience wear and tear as the rubber hits the road.

If your tyres are due for a replacement, or an upgrade, our friendly team can help. We’ll fit your car out with new tyres at our Brown’s Bay, Auckland service centre and get you back on the road.

Inundated with adverts for cheap tyres in Auckland? Save time with the right information and advice. Bosch-trained, and up-to- date with the latest in automotive technology, our expert technicians can advise you on which tyres will work best for your car model, so you’re all set for your next great adventure.

Why choose Anzac?


Qualified, Experienced Mechanics in Auckland
  • Our team of fully trained auto technicians at Anzac Automotive offer high-quality brake servicing, using specialist equipment and quality parts to make sure your brakes are as good as new.
  • We can advise you on the best way to keep your vehicle safe and make sure it stops when you want it to. With personal, friendly service, low wait times and good value for money, our Auckland brake service will provide you with peace of mind and safety while driving.

Auto Repair

Auckland's Specialists in European Vehicles
  • At Anzac Automotive, we happily service all makes and models of vehicles and specialise in the maintenance and service of European cars.
  • Our mechanics are fully trained and qualified to take expert care of your European car's brakes and brake pads; this includes Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi.

Auto Service

Highly Trained Team of Mechanics
  • At Anzac Automotive, we regularly train our team to keep them up to date with the best practices.
  • We share extensive knowledge with the latest technology and back it up with the Bosch promise.

Tips to get the most out of your tyres

The first thing to think about when purchasing new tyres is to buy the best tyre you can afford. The cheaper the tyre, the worse it will perform, and the shorter it will last.

Once you have chosen your new tyres, make them last by having a wheel alignment completed both, when they are fitted, and once a year after that. This will make sure they don't wear unevenly. By maintaining the correct tyre pressure once a month, and by rotating your tyres every six months, you will extend the life of your tyres significantly and save money on fuel. Under-inflated tyres take more energy to "roll along the road" - therefore using more fuel and more money.

One other tip that relates to tyre performance and safety, is to make sure your shock absorbers are up to the job. Worn shocks increase tyre wear, which can cause the tyre "casing" to fail prematurely. Most importantly, worn shocks can dramatically decrease your stopping distance in an emergency. Well-maintained shock absorbers could make all the difference when it comes to stopping in time before hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian - when extra seconds count!

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