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6 Signs Your Engine Oil Needs Changing

Engine Oil

An oil change should be a top priority for car owners looking to keep their engine in good running condition. Fortunately, an oil change service costs very little in the grand scheme of car maintenance. But how do you know when your car is due for an oil change? We've put together a guide of the common signs that it's time to change your oil.

Common Signs It's Time To Change

Black Oil: Good oil should be the colour of honey. If the oil in your engine is running black, it is definitely time for an oil change.

Consistency: Assessing the oil consistency means you might have to get a little bit dirty, but while checking the oil colour you should also check this. Take a little bit of oil off of the end of the dipstick and rub it between your thumb and forefinger. If the oil is coarse or you can feel any grittiness this is another sign that the oil contains contaminants and should be replaced. These could easily clog up your oil filter, so book in for an oil change service before a more serious problem occurs.

Loud Engine: When oil is working correctly in your engine, it lubricates the entire thing, making it run smooth and quiet. Without this lubrication, the engine will grind against itself, making it much louder than usual. You will need to get some new oil in there as quickly as you can in order to prevent any damage.

Time: If you simply can't remember when you last changed the oil, you're probably due for an oil change. The best possible thing when it comes to oil changes is to get on a schedule. Once the schedule has been set, follow it every time and your engine should be running smoothly with little trouble.

Engine Light Is On: While many newer model and European cars will come equipped with an oil light, the older models use the check engine light for oil as well. Before you tear apart your engine looking for the problem, check the oil and have it changed. The problem may be as simple as that!

Low levels: As you continue to drive the car, the engine will go through the oil and use it up. You can check the oil often and make sure that the level is correct according to the manufacturer. If the level drops, the oil won't be able to do its job as effectively as before. If the oil level is low, you will want to have the oil changed as soon as possible before it becomes a problem.

Car Mechanic North Shore

Getting an oil change is easy and inexpensive. It's a regular part of your car's maintenance that you shouldn't skip out on. Check your motor oil level each time you fuel up, and keep track of how many miles it's been so that you don't forget. Skipping your much-needed oil change can really damage your car; so make sure you get it done regularly. For a quality oil change service by a trusted North Shore car mechanic, look no further than Anzac Automotive. Contact us today for more information on x on 09 887 2284.



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