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5 Signs Your Car’s Air Conditioning Needs To Be Serviced

Air Conditioning

Most of us don't miss the air conditioning feature in our car until it's gone. To avoid getting caught in the summer heat with no relief in sight, you should be on the lookout for signs of air conditioning problems lurking behind your dashboard. To shed some light on the problems that are worthy of a trip to your local mechanic or auto repair shop, here are some common car air conditioning warning signs.

Top Signs Your Car AC Needs Repair

Not cooling: The first warning sign is the most obvious: there is simply no AC. If you're getting a whole lot of nothing out of the vents or warm or hot air instead, you could have a problem with your HVAC system. This could be happening for a number of reasons: you may be out of refrigerant; you could have damaged cooling fans; or even something simpler, like vents or a cabin air filter clogged with leaves or other debris. A trip to the mechanic can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and a solution.

Slow to cool: Does it take longer than usual for the interior of your car to cool down? If it does, a visit to the mechanic should be in order. There may be an insufficient amount of refrigerant in your car's air conditioning system due to leaks. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it could put a lot of strain on your car A/C system.

Strange sounds: The next easiest AC warning sign to spot is weird noises coming from the system. If you turn on your air conditioning and start to hear banging, rattling or worse, it may still be leaves or debris clogging up your fan unit that is causing those noises. Or, a major part of the air conditioning system itself could be worn out and about to break. Once you start to hear some strange sounds coming from your car, you need to bring it to a professional for a diagnosis.

Water stains: After running your car air conditioning for a while, you should see water drain out from the bottom of your car. This is perfectly normal and a good sign. However, if instead, you see water stains inside your vehicle, then you could have a problem. Sometimes, the drain on the bottom of your car becomes damaged or clogged, causing the water to back up. It will then flow into your vehicle itself, typically pooling under the dash and near the front floor mats. If this is the case, bring it to your mechanic soon.

Bad smells: Switching on your AC shouldn't be an unpleasant experience, but sometimes foul odours may start to come out of your vents. This could be a big warning sign that there is mould growth occurring within the air conditioning unit itself. A bad smell should be taken care of immediately since mould can lead to respiratory problems and other health concerns for you and your passengers.

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Don't wait! Book in for a car air conditioning service today!


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