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5 Signs Your Car is Due for a Professional Service

Car Trouble

A car is like a person. Every once in a while, it gets run down and needs to be taken care of. When it's time for a professional service, there are a few tell-tale warning signs that should get you off the road and into a mechanic's shop.

At Anzac Auto, we provide the Bosch car service to all of our customers. We have a deep understanding of everything that goes into maintaining a range of vehicles, from your Aussie Holden to a German Audi. With all cars, however, the warning signs are pretty similar, so read on to see if your car requires one of our services.

The Engine Light Is On

If your engine warning light on your dashboard has come on, it's a very good sign that your car needs to head to the mechanic for a professional inspection. The engine warning light being on could mean a range of things. The engine warning light (MIL) is there to tell you something is wrong with the way the engine is running. You might experience a loss of power, hard starting or even high fuel consumption. In addition to performance issues, if the MIL lamp is on, the engine is also likely to emitting excessive emissions that are harmful to both the environment and your health. Either way, it's always better to be safe than sorry, so head to the workshop if the MIL light is on.

There Are Strange Noises Coming from the Car

Your car makes many sounds and they can all mean something different. For example, high-pitched squeaks and squeals from under the bonnet when you turn on the ignition could mean that a belt is worn down or has become loose. This should get fixed immediately so that you don't overheat the engine or cause battery problems.

If you're hearing a similar sound when you're already driving, it might mean that you have to replace the power steering fluid, or perhaps get your tyres balanced. Hearing a squeak as you press the brake could mean worn brake pads, and an uneven engine noise could mean that your engine is misfiring and will need to be fixed immediately. The problem could be a serious one with your engine and the fuel injection.

The list of strange noises coming from your car could go on, so it's best to just head straight to the shop once you start hearing anything out of the ordinary.

Smoke or Leaks Coming Out

Nothing should really be coming out of your car, so if you start to notice any foul emissions, you have a problem. Smoke coming out from under the bonnet would mean that you most likely are having issues with your radiator. White smoke or steam is a clear indication of an overheated engine. However, blue smoke means that you need to pull over and have someone tow the car to a garage – this signifies burning oil and can be quite costly to fix.

Smoke coming out of the exhaust is an indication of an oil leak in the engine, so make sure to go the mechanic before the situation turns dire.

Pulling or Vibrating Under Brakes

If you're feeling any pulling or vibrating while you brake, you could have a number of things wrong with your car. Any problems with the brakes will make driving your car unsafe, so you should get it serviced as soon as possible. The problem could be anything from worn brake pads or suspension to tyre wear.

Bad Handling and Performance

If you feel that your car is giving you a bumpier ride than usual, you're riding low or your tyres are scraping the wheel, you need a service to fix any issues with your suspension and keep your ride as smooth as possible.

Anzac Auto in North Shore, Auckland is dedicated to providing the best car service. Book an appointment online today.


Tech Tips
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