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5 Benefits of a Regular Car Service

As a car owner, a regular car service is something you need to do. According to experts, preventive car maintenance and letting mechanics take a good look at your vehicle can benefit you in a number of ways. Find out how regularly maintaining your car can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Benefits Of A Regular Car Service

Reliability: Simply put, if you don't take good care of your vehicle, it's not going to be there for you down the road (pun intended). This means following the recommendations for oil changes and tyre rotations that you'll find in your owner's manual. It also involves having routine check-ups performed by expert technicians. Giving your vehicle a thorough inspection means we can identify and fix any issues before they turn into larger problems that require costly repairs.

Value: Are you looking to sell your car at some point in the future? Then you'll want to keep up with routine service and maintenance so that it continues to run in optimal condition. Most buyers will also prefer to purchase a car that they know has been well looked after.

Fuel Economy: There are a number of ways that regular maintenance can help ensure you're getting the most out of your vehicle's fuel economy. For instance, making sure your tire pressure is set to the right levels can help prevent your car from expending unnecessary energy and fuel whilst moving. Similarly, if your air filter is clogged or the oxygen sensor is not working correctly, your vehicle's fuel economy can be negatively affected by up to 25%.

Safety: It shouldn't need to be said that safe driving is directly related to the condition of the car. If a car's ability to properly run is impaired, safety risks increase for all vehicle passengers and everyone else on the road. For example, if your tyres are not inflated according to manufacturer's recommendations, your chances of getting a flat tyre increase. Having your car serviced regularly means the mechanic can expertly inspect it for any irregularities.

Cost: Regular maintenance saves you from unnecessary expenses. Some people refuse to do preventive maintenance work on their vehicle, thinking that it is expensive and can simply be ignored. What they don't realise is that regularly taking your car to the mechanic can actually save you money in the long run. Avoid a breakdown, towing costs and the cost of new parts by giving a technician the chance to diagnose any problems before they become costly issues.

European Car Mechanic North Shore

If you're the proud owner of a European made vehicle it's best to have your car serviced by a car mechanic experienced in European models. At Anzac Automotive, we specialise in servicing European cars, though we service all makes and models. If you're looking for a high quality, trusted North Shore mechanic, call us at Anzac Automotive.


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