Save Money On Transmission Rebuild

Regular Transmission Servicing Prolongs Transmission Life

Transmission Servicing

With over 40 years’ expertise and the Bosch Service Standard, the Anzac Automotive team are your “go to guys” for automatic transmission servicing.

Before our team gets started on any car repairs, we’ll provide you with an estimate on what the transmission repair is likely to cost. We take the time to ensure that our customers understand what work is required, and what their options are.

As an accredited Bosch Service Centre, you’ll benefit from the latest in diagnostics testing and equipment, with mechanics who are up-to- date with automatic advancements thanks to a regular Bosch training sessions.

Our Anzac Automotive team also provide great advice on how to safeguard against future automatic transmission faults. Did you know that with the right maintenance a number of transmission issues can be prevented?

With regular transmission servicing, you can extend the life of your automatic transmission. Professional transmission servicing can also reduce the likelihood of an expensive transmission rebuild. And, it’s particularly important for vehicles with a four wheel drive or those that do a lot of towing.

Since most automatic transmissions fail due to overheating, another effective way to prevent transmission faults is to fit an external oil cooler. This will reduce the damaging effects of overheating and significantly add life to the transmission.

For expert transmission repairs, or transmission servicing, contact us to book your visit.

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